School Uniforms Online Free Sample

A young 6th grader is sitting there, eating lunch, minding her own, just thinking about what someone had said earlier about her Wal*Mart shoes that were falling apart. The school or even the parents could pay for uniforms so then no one would feel hurt or left out. Uniforms would make school a happier place and would solve that 6th grader and every one else’s problems.

School uniforms are also helpful. According to Marian Wilde is a Part of Great Schools. She says that school uniforms help prevent gangs from forming up on campus, encourage discipline, help students resist peer pressure to buy trendy clothes, help identify Intruders in the school, diminish economic and Social barriers between students, saves money, Increase a sense of belonging and school pride and Increase attendance. The school uniforms also Violate students right to freedom of expression, and is difficult to enforce in public schools. When kids get bullied, they almost never tell anyone because they are scared of what will happen to them if they do tell someone. But then they do and mostly all of the bullying stops.

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During school is not as bad for bullying. After school is quite bad because no one is around watching or to do something about it. Then, no one will ever know! More kids will get teased w/o uniforms. Unless you get uniforms, this problem will continue. The kids that get bullied because of the way they dress, so if they get uniforms then they are dressed the same as everybody else, he/she won’t get bullied for that reason. If we did have uniforms, the students would have more friends and less people picking on them.

Schools, don’t you want that? A bully free school? No one would attend if there were bullies. You would always know where your students or child was. Like if they were at the mall ditching school, if they are not smart enough to change their clothes, you would know that they are ditching. If they are off campus, you would know that the students are ditching and not at their classes. While you teachers are sitting at your desk’s drinking non-fat caramel macchiato, your students are hitting the beach! It would save the parents money.

Instead of Buying you school clothes every year, they could spend only like $70.00 on 2 or 3 uniforms for school. Although schools pay for them most of the time, parents can save money while you are not being bullied so it’s a good deal. But you should still let them personalize them make it their style because if they don not want to wear something and are forced to then they are rude/moody and not their selves so then again they wont have any friends. Most bullying happens in 6th-12th. Elementary schools don’t really bully all that much.

Because of the age most people feel it necessary to start a bunch of problems. You should do something about this. School is good w/o uniforms until your kids don’t do their work out of depression. However, most kids don’t want uniforms because what you wear or how you dress is who you are. Which mostly is just casual not dressing up. And people want to dress the way they want to not how other people tell them to.

I like how I dress and do not want to change it but I will if the opportunity comes. I don’t have a problem with it. Let them make it their own but still so you can tell that they are in your school. The way they dress or are doesn’t make them any less of a person then any of you are. Since we don’t have them already, we should get them.

School uniforms mostly save money and solve bullying problems during school or out of school. People would probably want them if they could make it their own. And what they want to wear. Before your kids are any more hurt, hurry and get school uniforms! So come on schools! What are you waiting for? Don’t you want this? Of course you do! Change to school uniforms it will help the students be happy. And if their not happy, your not happy.

So make a happier you!