Argumentative Essay on School Accessory

School uniforms are a positive accessory to schools. It’s proven that public school who have switched to uniforms have their students average GPA increase and the reduction of bullying. But many students who don’t wear school uniforms say its is “stupid” or “against my rights”. It may be, but it also has made students more confident and able to fit-in to groups of other students. So why are school uniforms improving the learning ability and bullying reduction of students, and why do students disagree to wearing uniform. The Long Beach Unified School District was the first district to wear school uniforms in the 1990’s and had inspired more discipline and have more attendees.

Kids that wear school uniforms say that they feel like they are more a part of the school. Schools with uniforms also have less district around it to make the change as well. Schools with uniforms are known to be more bullying complaints than regular schools. Some kids from a school in Florida say that they feel like they are representing their school more and are able to find new groups of friends to meet. Even an unknown name of a uniform school (in a bad part of the unknown area) teachers say that they have less “gangs” and events that are responsible by them.

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It sounds like they also make the school safer for children. There are so many reasons why kids don’t want their school to start wearing uniforms. Some may be reasonable and most not. The most reasonable disagreement to school uniforms is the cost. School uniforms can cost a lot of money.”violated students rights” or they are just plain and simple” Stupid”.

Those are few of the disagreements that are “stupid” all by themselves. These uniforms are obviously a good add-on to schools and kids may not agree right away but will get used to it. School uniforms have improved academics, reduced bullying, and don’t have any real negative side to them. After doing this report, I have switched to the pro side of School uniforms.