What I've Learned

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wow another life lesson story.

” But this one isn’t. It’s more than that. When I was young I was only raised by my dad, I pretty much raised myself. I grew up around things I didn’t understand, like drugs, lies, and alcohol. All of those things were from my mom.

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But now, I’ve learned…how to deal with it. What is “it”? It, means life.

How to deal with all the curveballs, the best moments in my life, and all the tears. Pretty much everything life throws at you. I was raised by my dad pretty much my whole life. My mom, aka “birthgiver”, which i’ll explain later, only liked my sister. So I never learned, how to do makeup, how to be a lady, or how to braid. Just the girly things.

I learned, how to bait a hook, how to burp on command, and how to leg sweep people. Since it was just my dad and I, I call my mom birthgiver. She only gave birth to me so that’s why I call her that. She did not raise me, nor did she treat me like her daughter. But I was okay with my Dad raising me.

Which lead to me raising myself. I say I raised myself sometimes. Which probably sounds quite odd.But I did. Every school morning, I would wake up with nobody else in the house. My dad was at work, birthgiver at some guy’s house hungover, and my sister already at school.

Older kids started earlier than us during school. So I would have to wake up on time, make breakfast, get ready, and be ready for the bus by 7:44. Then I would have to clean when I got home, and help make dinner so Dad would have it easy once he got home. My sister was never willing to help me with anything. So I was left to do it all. But being on my own kind of lead me to things I didn’t understand.

I didn’t understand so many things when I was little. Like, why didn’t I have a mom like everyone else? And, why do we have to go to school? Just things most kids think. I didn’t understand and I was oblivious to so much. I was lost. And I eventually was found.

Which was very recently. I wasn’t confused anymore. I actually understood. I learned how to deal with it. Which has lead me to who I am today.I learned to deal with all of it.

Drama, sickness, heartbreak, lies, and even happiness. I could finally deal with it. I was at peace. Learning to deal with it wasn’t all that easy. I hear people starting rumours, loud cries of heartache, and sneezes of the sick people.

I had to know how to cope with life. How to not let everything get to me. And how to understand. You have to deal with things, aka it. You can’t just hold grudges and be upset about everything. Once you learn to deal with it, I promise you’ll be a happier person.

I’ve learned to deal with it, and so can you. I have learned to deal with it all. Like only being with my dad. Raising myself, and being around things I didn’t understand. I can promise you, once you are content with life, you’ll be happy. But you must deal with it.

Deal with all the homework, deal with the gross school lunches, and deal with that rude person who starts rumours! Deal with it, and stick up for yourself. Believe in yourself and you’re halfway there. I’ve learned to deal with it and so can you.