What to look for

Do you ever have that one friend that can guess your mood?Do you ever wonder why? The way that these kind of people can read body language and/or facial expressions is because they learn/study how to read faces and body language.

If you ever want to read someone’s mood the biggest clue to reading a person’s face is their facial expressions and their body language.Facial expressions are the easiest way to guess the mood of someone, but body language could be a little harder.If someone was mad, their attitude or lips will show you before they tell you themselves.Reading someone’s body language or their facial expressions could be important because you could possibly save someone’s life. For example if you can read facial expressions or body language really well then you could save someone.Body language and facial expressions can give away a lot of clues to tell the mood someone is in.

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If you want to get really good at reading faces and body language, it takes a lot of practice. Its difficult to read people’s facial expressions and body language, it really takes a lot of practice. To tell if someone is happy or excited they can’t stop moving, they have a huge smile across their face, but what if they don’t have a smile?Everybody has that one sparkle in their eye when they get really happy or excited. Sad: When someone is sad it almost looks like they are lying. Their face shows that their lips is quivering and they don’t make a lot of eye contact.Their body language is showing that they don’t want to be by anyone and they just want to be alone.

Their body also is in a droopy shape, flat speech tone, and they stare off into space.When someone is sad everything is also slowed down, movements will be slower than usual and breathing will also be slowed down, but everybody has a different way of dealing with sadness or any other mood. It looks like lying because some people will be sad and lying at the same time. She is staring off into space She is not looking at the camera, hiding her eyes from being directly looked at Her face is a sort of droopy (example: Look at her lips, they are turned down) Happy: To tell if someone is happy there is a huge smile on their face and they have a huge sparkle in their eye.They also don’t get mad at big things that could possibly bring them down.Living in the moment is important and when something is stressing you out, you know how to take control of your emotions.

The most important way is to get a lot of sleep.When someone is happy their body doesn’t droop they stand up tall and proud. She has that sparkle in her eyes She has a huge smile on her face. Lying: To tell if someone is lying you really have to really be careful because its like being sad. When people lie they don’t make any eye contact, the play with their thumbs, and their voices are always shaky. A person will most likely hide their mouth or eyes if they are lying.

If there is covering of the mouth or the eyes then they are trying to cover a lie.Even though some don’t cover their mouth they may clench their lips. The aren’t looking at the camera Their lips are clenched All of them are looking down Angry: How do you tell if someone is angry? When someone is really angry their lips become pressed together, their hands are in tight fists, the person may be invading other’s personal space.They also have the look in their eye that looks like that they are thinking about hurting someone, also they become aggressive with objects. Their nose is scrunching and their lips are pressed together. Nose is scrunching His lips are pressed together His eyes are not completely open they are sort of 3/4s of the way open Scared: When someone is scared of something their eyes sort of look like they are going to pop out of the person’s head.

When a person is scared their heart is usually racing if they think that it will happen, but they aren’t expecting it.They also have their shoulders up, the forehead is very stiff.When someone is scared their body language usually shows that they are always aware of their surroundings. Eyes are bulged Forehead is stiff with a little wrinkles His shoulders are up Body language and facial expressions can give away a lot of clues to tell the mood someone is in.When you are trying to read someone’s facial expressions and body language it’s always good to know that you are talking about with the expressions.When you read someone’s face you have to be really sure about their expression because you could get the wrong impression.If you ever find someone guessing your mood by your body language then you will know how they are feeling to.