What would the world be like without school?

The world without schools would be an amazing place for children but on the other hand no so much for parents, and bosses for jobs. Many kids would be so happy to not have to wake up early in the morning, immediately start their day, do homework, study, learn about many pointless subjects, listen to teachers yell, etc. Students would not be as stressed out if they did not have to worry about studying for hard tests and having the fear of failing.

For example in math, students learn some pointless aspects such as quadratic formulas, geometry, and functions. Students wonder why we learn this and how this will help us in the future. Although at most time’s students would be a lot happier if there was no school but we would not have friends. Hanging out with friends on the weekend and joining sports games, etc make a teenager’s life. Without school most people would not have many friends.

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The younger population of people would not have much of a social life. Although most students would say no school would make the world a happier place, parents and other adults would most likely disagree. Parents worry about down the road in life and without school a student would have no education and would therefore not get a job. The world would be extremely difficult because many people would not be working and no body would make more money then working at a fast food drive thru window. Many things wouldn’t be able to be made, and therefore wouldn’t be bought. For example, how would anyone buy a house, if there were no architects or construction workers? Is it possible to get a job if you have no experience or understanding of that field? Most likely, not many jobs is going to be available because that specific job would not have even been created if people did not go to school, learn the material and put a field of study together.