What’s Annoying? Free Essay

The things that annoy people are different for everyone.

For example it annoys me when people are condescending, when people hate you for no reason, when people don’t understand what’s wrong and what’s right, when teachers yell at you because you didn’t understand the homework and you came in early for help the day they happened to not be there, when people put others down to make themselves feel better, when people are full of themselves, when you think that you have fully drowned a skunk, throw him in the back of your van and then open it up later that day, only to find that it wasn’t really dead, and finally when other people don’t brush their teeth and reek of bad breath. You may disagree whether some of these things are annoying or not, but that is why what everyone thinks of as annoying, is different. My mother thinks it is annoying when I don’t clean up after myself, I however think it is annoying when things are too clean. I find it annoying when others don’t find what I find interesting to be interesting and when people create drama by saying that they have a secret, but they don’t tell you it, or they don’t even have a secret. Another thing I find annoying is when I have to write a piece for language arts and I have no clue what to write about. Like right now.

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I’m sitting at my computer knowing that this piece of writing is awful, truly awful and I find it annoying because I would like to write the best piece of writing I can. I kill myself by striving for the best and now I’m disappointed because this isn’t the best I can do and that’s annoying. It’s annoying that just this year I have built up enough confidence to be able to stand behind my writing and not have the teacher read it every five minutes, to see if it is good. It’s annoying that this piece of writing won’t be accepted by everyone else because it isn’t “cool” enough and I am slightly annoyed that I don’t care whether it is accepted or not. I am also annoyed that I will always end up completing my homework assignments at ten thirty at night even though, I had a half day at school and I didn’t have any sports. Being a procrastinator is annoying.

Now I will go brush my teeth, get dressed in my pajamas, and go to bed, only to wake up tomorrow morning to find that a seven thirty student council meeting awaits and that I haven’t finished my social studies project yet, even though it is due tomorrow; how annoying! Thankfully, tomorrow’s Friday, and I am definitely not annoyed by that.