School Free Essay Example

Waiting! Well, gosh isn’t this annoying.

What if you were stuck in a boring time period where everything was just a little off? What would you do about it? Write a song? Scribble in your diary? It’s not fun being in school when you’re a nobody and I’ll tell you five of the many reasons why. #1: Waking up at seven in the morning and having your mom sing “Rise and Shine and give God your glory glory,” isn’t a good start to your day. If something like this hasn’t happened to you then good for you. #2: Have you ever sat in the front of the classroom and the teacher was right next to you? Then when he/she walks up to your desk and yells with the letter p, you know that you’re going to have a piece of wet carrot on your paper that isn’t yours. *Shiver* #3: If your left out and not wanted by a lot of people then you know what I mean when I say that recess sucks. Sure, it’s your free time to do whatever you want but if you don’t really have friends what is there to do? And if your sitting at your locker and that big fat dude with the messy top locker comes along, run for it.

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#4: Well, you made it to lunch so congrats. What’s for lunch? Sometimes we ask this question even when we see the lunch in front of us. What is that thing? Today it was pasta and sauce. The sauce tasted sour and the pasta was all right without the sauce. Yummy. #5: When school ends people like me get excited and happy but the thing that doesn’t surprise me is that we have piles of homework and a book report even though we just had one yesterday.

Then the next day we have school again. This is why I want to escape in a monkey suit and fly to the moon where there is no school building. ? END