Free Essay on School

Students should be required to dress up on Monday through Thursday and only be allowed to dress down on Fridays. With a paucity of differences among the dress of the students, there will be fewer distractions. Certain students will resent the acrimonious dress code, because they will have to buy new clothes. The dress code will prepare students for the working world.

The dress code will also eliminate discipline problems. The dress code will ensure students do not wear egregious clothing. Students won’t be distraught when picking out the clothes they wear to school because it is already picked for them. Students will create a fuss over the dress code just for the sake of arguing. The dress code does not drastically change the lives of the students. It will eliminate distractions.

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It will help students focus. It will save students time when deciding what to wear. For those who cannot tolerate the dress code, they will have to suck it up and not complain. Not having a dress code is a pernicious act; it would decrease the performance of students and not allow them to work at their potential. I personally construe the dress code as a beneficial act. It will help students attain higher grades.

It will save students time in the mornings. It will reduce the number of distractions. Students who do not comply with the dress code should be punished. The dress code will elicit bad behavior, due to the reduction in the number of distractions. Certain may believe that they will be able to disobey the dress code with impunity, but they mistaken.

The dress code should be taken very seriously, and all students who do not follow it will be punished. I have asked a number of students what they thought about the dress code, and almost unanimously students said they thought it was the right thing to do. I did not sense any duplicity in the responses I received from students I questioned.