Essay on Whats the need for homework?

Why? Homework. Why do teachers give it? Why do we need it anyways? Who made homework any way? People have different reasons and ideas. I think that there are no reasons to give it. My whole family is suffering because of it. If we had no homework then teachers wouldn’t have to grade it, and they would be happy and have a life. I would be able to go out more and have a life if there wasn’t any homework.

What’s so important about it? Why? Homework affects my family. When ever we want to go out to eat as a family, we can’t because I have homework to do. It just puts us in a bad mood. Nobody likes to help someone with it. Night after night, after five hours of do sitting down trying to solve problem at 11pm. Getting grounded for not do it.

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Having huge bags under my eyes the next day at school. It’s just frustrating. Very, very frustrating! I just hate it. I wish I get to see the day where there is no homework. I hope to see such a day. Life would be better for everyone if there was no homework.

Teacher, students, parents, ECT. Don’t u agree? Feels like its going to take me forever to finish. John O. agrees. He says that learning is supposed to be learnt at school not at a kitchen table. People say it’s supposed to make you responsible.

We don’t get enough time at school. So kids can explore on their own. No it is not; those are just some of the excuses out there. You can even ask someone that does great in school and even they will say that homework makes everything harder and they would enjoy not having it. Tell me.

Is there any person in America that actually likes doing homework? No there isn’t. It’s a proven fact that nobody likes it. I know even teachers don’t like to do homework or to give it or to grade it. Also teachers are suppose to be paid for teaching no for giving kids homework and their parents have to help them and tell them what they’re suppose to do. Some of the things we learn we’re not even going to use.

I need to know if there’s something I don’t understand about it. I need answers. So why is there homework? Could it be that there are reasons for it and we don’t know? Is it some kind of experiment? How does it help you in life? Why?