When I Lost My Grandparents

Everybody will experience the loss of their grandparents at some point. Everybody will handle their grandparent’s death differently; some might take it really hard some might not. When I lost my grandparents, I didn’t go to school long time because I was really close to my grandparents. When both of m my grandparents died within two month of each other, it was a difficult time for me.

I feel really sad about not having my grandparents. When people always talk about going to their grandparents for the weekend or how much fun they had with them, it makes me sad because I lost both of mine when I was ten years old. When I lost my grandparents it left a big hole in my life. It affected me emotionally because both of mine were just fine one day and passed away the day after. It really affected me because I was really super close to them.

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I cried for a really long time after they both died. After my grand pa died I missed like one or two weeks of school. When he died I got sick because I, he and the rest of my family were at the park having fun. Then when we were asleep about three o’clock in the morning we got a call saying our grandpa was having trouble breathing, so we got up and went over there but when we went in he had died just as we walked in. Again people in the world might take losing their grandparents differently. I took it really hard.

My grandparents were like best friends to me so I took it really hard. The people in the world might take it differently then what I did.