Where Am I?

I find myself in an inexplicable position. I do not where to proceed, and I certainly find looking back painful. What should one do in such situations? Am I to stop? Or am I to keep moving forward? My teachers no longer give me stickers for my neat work.The intense bubbling of delight no longer holds me when Dad brings a new toy.

And he has even stopped bringing them. The tinge of greed that greeted me when I saw a sweet, no longer welcomes me. Silly dresses , all pink and floral, do not excite me now and I no more whine to buy them. Bedtime stories about goblins and fairies no more take me to other worlds. Movies of Barbie, that I loved and cherished, no more inspire me to dream.

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I have long stopped my random doodling of cartoons that I watched. What phase of life am I stuck in? Where I find no simple luxuries to satisfy me? Where am I?