Why do we sign here, there, everywhere!

I was wondering, how many people actually read their take-home signed paperwork? Or do you just skim through the words on the papers and simply sign it, just like that.

All I’m saying is that if you don’t read your papers, then how do you know what you signing; do you even care? Also, how about your parents? I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why teachers ask us for both a student and a parent’s signatures on papers. All, just because we only care about the grades because of our parents, we sometime even fake a signature instead of turning our papers in late and losing some points, which may bring grades down, if it continues. If we sign the documents; doesn’t it mean that we have read the documents, and we will follow by it as well as we’ve understood it, and if we don’t follow this, then why is it important to sign the documents anyways? Have you ever thought that your teacher may have had something crazy in the signed sheet? For example, “you will give me a million bucks, if you don’t listen to me,” just for fun? Imagine that. I would really like to see how many kids fall for that trick. That’s a clear example of why I believe you should read before you sign documents. There are many reasons teachers ask you to sign papers.

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For example, if you are allergic to anything, they can know that you have understood his/her policies for the upcoming school year; also to inform you about specific items, you may need for class, etc. Why sign the important documents, if we don’t care or haven’t read it all or completely? The teachers are making us sign the papers, for our benefits, not theirs, so they can help us and we know what to do when something needs to be accomplished. That’s why you need to carefully read before you sign any document. s