Why Marijuana Should Be Legalized

This past month a proposition to legalize marijuana did not pass do to majority vote of the state. I believe that the legalization of marijuana should have been passed for different reasons. For example, one reason is it is used as a medicine because it is a plant with natural herbs and is also known to fight off diseases.

My second reason is if ithe government gets a hold of it and sells it and taxes the marijuana, the government would make a lot of money off it. My first reason for wanting to legalize marijuana is that marijuana is perscribed by docters do to it’s herbs because it fights off some diseases and cures some sicknesses. For instance, say some one you know gets really sick and might die, and the docters found out that the only cure was marijuana. Would you let that person take the medicated marijuana knowing the effects of it, or take another medication that you never even heard of and risk that persons life. If it was up to me I would let that person take the medicated marijuana because if it were a family or a really good friend, I wouldn’t want their death on my hands.

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My second reason for wanting to legalize marijuana is because if the government got a hand on it and taxed it, it would allow the state to get more money for things like paying off there dept, Schools, and possibly construction work. For instance, say the government needs to build two or three new schools in a few districts or they need to do some road construction but they didn’t have the money, and the only way to get the money was the sell marijuana because that was practically the only thing on the stock market. The government would want sell the marijuana and tax it to get the money they need to build those schools or do that road consturction in that area. One thing that people are right about marijuana is that it may or may not form some kind of cancer or some other type of disease. But the thing that would make this people wrong is that there would be a 30%-35% chance that it would cause cancer or disease, but if it did, why would docters recommend it to their patients knowing it would cure one disease but cause another disease.

So, this past month a proposition to legalize marijuana and tax it was notpassed do to majority vote of the state. If I had a chance to vote, I would vote yes to the legalization of marijuana because it can help cure sickness so it is capible of being medically used and if the government sells it and taxes it, they can make a lot of money for important things like paying off the states dept, schools, construction, and other stuff like health care. So if you would like to help legalize marijuana, go to your principles, bosses, docters, and parents and tell them some of these reasons as well as your own reasons why you think marijuana can help and join the march to legalize it.