Why Our Education System Is Messed Up

I’ve been at a private school for most of my life. It’s a great school with amazing exams results and students getting into the top universities. However, my whole life I’ve never felt like I’ve fit in! I was always bottom of my class and my grades were always lower than everyone else’s.

This would bring me down a lot especially as I worked just as hard as everyone else. Looking back I don’t even know why I worked so hard. I hated being at school and I constantly felt like I had to be perfect in order to be accepted but my peers and teachers. Why did I do it? My grades are still bad, I’m still insecure, I still don’t have many friends and I’m still constantly sad at school for many different reasons. I feel like I wasted my childhood just studying and trying to fit in instead of living my life. I don’t understand why children and teenagers are forced to spend their time locked up in school learning information which isn’t even useful.

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Children and teenagers should be outdoors and enjoying life not just sat at home studying something they don’t enjoy or watching tv. We shouldn’t be made to feel stupid if we don’t get perfect grades and we shouldn’t ever be made to feel worthless. I feel like I’ve never lived or enjoyed my life and even now I feel like it’s just wasting away. We need to change the education system so that not as much pressure is put onto young people and so they are provided with the skills they need in life. We need to encourage people to spend time outdoors and to enjoy the beautiful world we live in and to be kind and strong people who are willing to fight for what we want. Adults need to learn to accept that we have different strengths and weaknesses and to encourage people to do what they enjoy and to work hard at things they enjoy.