Education Is Everything

What are the reasons you go to school? Is if for the friends, sports, or popularity? I once thought it was all about the sports friends and popularity until I realized it’s actually about the education and good grades.

Grades are everything in life and can help or hurt you, at first grades hurt me but taught me a great lesson. The thing I loved most about the school year was basketball. Basketball was the only thing that actually made me want to go to school besides friends; but I didn’t care enough about my grades. My grades were actually good until I stopped worrying about them and focused on basketball. Basketball was the thing I loved, but I forgot about school. When basketball season finally started I made the team but ended up sitting four of the twelve games of the season.

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I realized grades are just about everything in life and can help or hurt you. How can you even play a sport you love if you can’t even keep your grades up? No college wants to accept a person with failing grades and if you’re below a certain GPA most colleges won’t accept you. It takes a lot to go to the NBA and grades id defiantly one of those things. The greatest colleges like duke, UCLA are Kentucky won’t want to accept you with failing grades even if you were as good as superman and could fly. Say you don’t make it to the NBA of even college, what job wants to accept a person with failing grades out of high school? Grades are a major problem I had in middle school and because of them I had to sit almost the whole basketball season. If you want to do great things in life grades can really affect you and how successful you become.

If you follow your dreams you can do just about anything but if your grades drop because of friends or popularity don’t get stuck in the moment instead think of your future.