Why Should Anthem Be Taught to High Cchoolers?

If I were a teacher, my goal to educate my students is to face their reality with knowledge and discipline.

Anthem serves as an introduction to what Ayn Rand called her Romantic Realist approach to literature. It shows Romanticism contrast, which holds people are crushed by social forces and cannot control their own destiny. Any Rand’s fiction is realist because she deals with real problems that people have in real life. Not robots, not superhumans just people. Anthem carries the same heroic view of the individual as her later novels.

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Anthem raises political issues at the time in the lives of young people to take on critical importance. It challenges readers to decide not just what will happen to characters, but what the world should be like. I think Anthem is a book that should be taught to high schoolers because it shows individualism and it symbolizes freedom and knowledge at the same time.