Why Should Kids Not Have Homework?

Teachers should not assign homework to their students.

According to critics at Connect Us Fund, homework is not as effective as proponents say it is. This evidence shows that homework is ineffective towards students. This also means that parents and tutors could be doing the homework for the kids, therefore, this help will be irrelevant and will not benefit them. Also, one of the most recent studies from Health Line examined an issue which is that kids in elementary school receive three times the recommended amount of homework. This piece of evidence is showing that kindergarteners receive 25 minutes of homework per night.

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According to standards set by the NEA (National Education Association) and NPTA (National PTA), they shouldn’t receive any at all. And lastly, the study from the Stanford School of Education claims that children in high-performing schools in upper to middle-class families suffer from high levels of stress. This shows that children with high levels of stress tend to do worse in school. This stress comes from all of the homework and schoolwork that teachers pile on top of them a week. Despite all of the information about how people think homework can help children with their learning, this is fooling everyone because due to the data and statistics, home does not help children with their learning. Therefore, teachers should not be giving their students homework because it’s bad for your health, it does not affect the learning of students, and overall teachers give their students way too much of it.

Based on all the evidence shown, teachers should not be allowed to assign any homework to their students.