Winston S. Churchill

Winston S.

Churchill was an excellent leader for Great Britain during World War 2. Churchill rallied his country to victory against the Axis power. ( “Winston Churchill” ). He was a great role model for other people during that time. He was love by many and had many talents. So Winston Churchill was a really outstanding leader for his country at the time.

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Winston Churchill did have many talents, skills, and hobbies. Prime minister Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill was born on Monday November 30th 1874 at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire to Lord Randolph Churchill and Jeanette Jerome. He seem like an excellent all around guy. He had more other skills and talents as well. He was a writer, journalist, and an artist as well, he began writing in his 40s.

As shown he was a man with many talents. One of his famous quotes are Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts (” Winston Churchill Quotes”).Though there are many other cool and neat things about him. So Winston Churchill did many things in his lifespan. Churchill not only serve as an excellent leader for Great Britain during World War 2, he also fought alongside with America in World War 2.He was at first First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill then pushed the idea of attacking Gallipoli in 1915, which was held by Germany’s ally Turkey, in order to open up a supply route to Russia.

( “World War 1 History: Winston Churchill in the Trenches”) This is he got a lot of other popularity as well. Though it is amazing how he serve in both wars and possibly more that didn’t involve the U.S. Winston Churchill mainly overall fought in France alongside with Great Britain. So this is what makes him a great person all around. He is just one of the most bravest people that set foot on this Earth.

Here were two more of his favorite quotes… ” Never, never, never give up” (” Winston Churchill Quotes”) and ” Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” (” Winston Churchill Quotes”).He is a really interesting man. Winston Churchill had an excellent family. His parents , before him and his siblings were born, were actually were wealthy and happy. ( Winston Churchill Biography) In fact his wife name was Clementine.

Also his brother name was John Strange Spencer Churchill.Another one of his quotes were ” My most brilliant achievement was getting my wife to marry me” (” Winston Churchill Quotes”) Although this quote was cute and funny, it was also touching. In fact this is why he’s an outstanding role model to everyone who knows him. In conclusion his quotes are meaningful and inspiring. To backtrack all this info, Winston Churchill was an excellent leader for his country during World War 2.

He had a great happy and wealthy family. He was a prime minister and he also live to be 90 years old. He had many inspiring quotes plus he was a great role model to everyone around him. As well as he was a great guy to turn to for his country at that time during their crisis in World War 2. To everyone he was just an outstanding person. This is why Winston Spencer Churchill was a great leader for Great Britain during World War 2, and his bravery and leadership help his country defeat the Axis Power in World War 2.