Wizard of Oz Report

Did you ever think of a book that had more detail than the movie, all the time right, but this book is different. The movie had way more detail because the book is really small and didn’t have that much detail. The Wizard of Oz is about a girl named Dorothy that goes on an adventure to a mysterious magical place.

She meets friends and goes through a dangerous journey to tell OZ to take her home. This essay is going to be about my opinion on the book and the differences between the book that I read and the movie. Some major differences between the book and he movie are the characters. Like the witches of the North, West, East, and South are all introduced in the book while in the movie only the good witch of the South and the Wicked which of the West is in the movie. Plus in the book the witch of the West is a minor character that appears at only the end is one of the biggest evil characters in the movie.

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Another major group of differences are the actions of the characters. In the book Dorothy is really living in that world while the movie it shows that Dorothy had a dream of that world. In the book Dorothy is courageous and rescues her friends from the wicked witch of the West, but in the movie its vise versa, Dorothy gets rescued. The Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion are really brave in the book but in the movie they are scared but they face their fears. Those are the many differences between the book and movie. Overall I think that the movie and the book is really good but it could be better.

I would rather watch the movie than read the book because the movie had more detail. The book had different story events but it didn’t have as much detail as the movie. I think that the director made really good changes after the book into the movies. I recommend watching both because it’s kind of funny to see the differences between the two. But if you only got to pick one I would choose to watch the movie. That is my report on the differences and my opinion on the Wizard of OZ.