Worst Middle School in the US

Middle school was the one of the worst experiences ever.

Although there were some exciting and positive parts about middle school, the overall experience was terrible. I attended Summit Middle Charter School in Boulder Colorado from 2013-2016. My time at Summit did prepare me for highschool but the overall experience was terrible. I have many complaints about this school and the way they handle certain situations. A little history about this school.

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Summit is a charter school located in Boulder, Colorado. It has said to be the best middle school in all of Colorado. They have won the blue ribbon award multiple times. But this all happened before I was in middle school. When I started attending, the old principle left and the school got a new one.

Also the old assistant principalswitched and our school got a new one also.Now the school is controlled by new people. First of all the staff. I am not going to name specific people but half of the teachers and staff was poorly trained and lazy. They did not know how to teach and assigned way too much homework.

For example the 7th grade and 8th grade physics teacher was lazy. He was lazy to the point where his lessons and basicly just worksheets. His room was a mess and unorganized. The textbooks were all over the room, the decorations in the class was peeling off and about to fall off, and the the teachers desks just had a stack of papers. He would not stand in front of the class and teach but just give us worksheets to do. He just left us there to figure it out on our own.

When we asked him for assistance or when we asked him a question, he just replied back with “you tell me, what do you think?” This would just go on and on. You can never get your questions answered and you can never learn anything in the class. The administration at the school was just straight up wack. After we got the new principle and new assistant principal, all the rules and regulations of Summit changed for the worst. At first, we were allowed to use cell phones and computers during lunch. We were allowed to listen to music during study hall and etc.

After a few weeks of them being there, cell phones were banned. We were also not allowed to listen to music anymore. The thing was there was no absolute reason behind this. After a year, they came up with new excuses to take things away from us. We were not allowed to use any electronic devices anymore during lunch. We had to go outside and “play”.

I especially couldn’t handle the assistant principal. First of all, she treated us like first graders. She would talk to us in a tone that a teacher would talk to first graders in. Like during an assembly, her speech in front of the school is the speech that is given at my elementary school.For example The teachers assigned way too much homework. Probably twice as much homework as we get at my current school.

Overall Summit Middle School was just terrible. It did prepare me for high school but the experience was just awful. If I had the option to go back in time I would attend southern hills instead. I feel like middle school hasn’t changed me much. I did meet a lot of new friends there but the I feel like my personality hasn’t really changed my time there.