Youth Gangs

In the movie street dance, the street dance crew is about to break up, this happen due to the reason that their leader leaves the group unexpectedly. As their leader Jay (Ukweli Roach), exits the group they lose their moral for their rehearsal, this forces them to engage in other criminal acts to get money or practice in some other location. In trying to make money, they involve themselves in selling drugs in the street at night. They end up securing a place in a ballet school, after accepting to include five more ballet dancers in their group.

They have problems at first but they end up getting along at the end. The potential development of the youth gangs is a concern across the world. The uprising of the gangs can be controlled in our communities. It is therefore, important to understand the causes of the street gangs, and their methods of attracting new recruits. The street gangs always engage in violence, but this violence does not normally target the public at large rather the violence is a means of settling scores between their rival groups.

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These groups always fight for supremacy in the streets. The youths always thrive on gang mentality; being feared by other members of the group is viewed as a sign of honors. For a success of any gang group, being respected by their members, rival, or non-members is of the essence. Any attempt to do anything for the group is based on developing one’s reputation. This propels new members into engaging in acts that are solely aimed at impressing their older members.

All acts of disrespect are responded to in any existing gang. If these actions of disrespect go on for a long time without any response, it forms a basis of a future animosity within the rival groups. This response involves the committing mischievous acts, vandalism against the people involved. Within the groups presences of weapons is a common occurrence aimed at scaring the rival groups. In any group, they are guided by the 3R’s system.

One being the reputation they possess in the eyes of other groups, the other being the respect they expect from their rivals and within their own group and finally, the issue of retaliation.