Testing of key assumptions In the Canvas: No Assumptions Testing Methods Customers like long term value and value defined as productivity and entertainment. Beta roll out. Geographical Test. 2 Gamers appeal to all ages and people like to be connected through games via In games actively that allow gamers to demonstrate either competencies or friendliness. Pilot.

Engaged Behavior research scientist to test human tendencies. 3 (People are competitive) Pilot and set trial price.

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Conjoint analysis on attributes. 4 Advertisers will pay for impressions or campaigns to gain mind share Using Gang other games to test maidenhair and adoption. 5 Certain % of the gamers will be franchise gamers hence large population needed to create base. Correlation analysis and on behaviors.

6 Building on existing platform (Egg. Backbone) allows for focus, scalability, data mining etc Load testing to test sustainability 7 Creating a high velocity echo system by harnessing on social network (posting on Backbone) and creating more complexity for hard core gamers. Also games convergence.

Examine historical trends of past backbone posting to understand motivations. Pilot test.

8 Gamers are attracted to freebies and to gain such freebies via gifting (gifting begets siftings) and gamers have certain tolerance for affiliates advertising. Behavior research Correlation from other more established traditional platforms 3. Where are the greatest Risks? A. Backbone and other platforms being the intermediary decide to up the rates or some other novel charging mechanism leading to an erosion of margins. B. Bugs in the development leading to distraught customer experience.


Cyber-attacks leading to a loss of privacy and hence law suits and repute loss. D. Competitors emulations and innovations; with innovative pricing models leading to loss of customers. E. Substitutes attracting more eyeball time leading to distraction.

F. Programmers – non innovative or De-motivated. H. Unable to quantify with advertisers and Justify with gamers on revenue drivers. 4.

Alternative strategies Alternatives Platforms such as Backbone cannot support or has become too expensive. Alternative platforms and sign long term agreement. Build social games that converged and has its own echo system. 2 Look for

Revenue drivers (Advertisers and In app purchase) don’t correlate and investments/ purchase don’t quantify. Gamers don’t pay for in app purchase Advertisers don’t pay. Build quantification and create strong correlation between social community and physical world.

Bring the physical world products into the virtual world. Create tangibility. Launch coupons or discounts (freebies) that can be exchange for real value. For example, discount in Coca Cola purchase at Walter et al.

No Keeping the interest high by introducing higher complexities. Allow for modernization of the games for the gamers to other gamers. 5. Actions and Recommendations a.

Continue to build up the echo system as we need a large base of gamers as only a certain % will continue to be our revenue drivers. B.

Create tangibility into the virtual world by tying up with real products so to blur the line between the social world and real world hence making it really productive. For example, they can shop at the farm for real products and it will be delivered to their real home. C. Create Fan club and use that to drive more cohesive behavior in addition to do possible group purchase. With such a large AMA, it can be very attractive to executive collective bargaining for eel life items and goods. .

Unlikely to switch platform provider (egg. Backbone etc) as interest are aligned. More users and more postings create the echo-systems that platform providers want. The danger is that platform providers will become more greedy hence vision alignment and creating a win win relationship where providers communities et al and create thematic approaches. Fan clubs are volunteers and will have freebies and upgrades that other social gamers will not have. Fan clubs aim to drive social inclusiveness into the games while “tantalizing” it.