2 Kool 4 Skool

The first day of school is like where the ocean meets the land. Where the sun meets the horizon. Where Heaven meets Hell. It’s the day when kids have to put aside video games, when parents celebrate having a more peaceful, monster less house, and when teachers polish up their oh-so-boring lesson plans. It’s excitement for rising kindergarteners, relative fun and just a smidge of work for the elementary grades, 3-day relationships for the middle schoolers, and for the rest of the grades, well, piles and piles of work.

All kinds of work, too. Homework, Schoolwork, I-don’t-want-to-work, Sleep-work, procrastination-work, yippee-I-scraped-by-with-a-B-work, oops-I-forgot-to-do-this-work, and finally, to-hell-with-this-work!. School is marked by the dull ringing of each bell, the friends who keep you on track or crash your train and drag it 100 miles away, and the call of your stomach every class period before your lunch period. School is about a million days long and is about million days of fooling around, being a complete nerd (don’t get me wrong, I adore nerds), or just counting down the days ‘til summer. Sure, the start of school means throwing sleep to the ground and grinding in the dirt, pushing aside luxurious days of complete nothingness, and not being able to have marathons of movies, TV shows, gaming, malling, sleeping or..

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. I dunno, eating (those are great). Sure, I just said “sure” all nonchalantly when I’m really gonna miss summer so, so much. But the point is, I love summer. No! I’m sorry, that just slipped my tongue.

Or fingers, if you want to get technical. What I meant to say is that school, school is really something. School may be exciting as an elephant, boring as a burrito, fantastic as a…

fan, awful as a fire ant (does that work?), or maybe just, well, not your cup of tea. I understand that that it might not be yo styleeee or the way you rollll. But either way, you have to admit. It’s really something. It’s the way most of us spend the first quarter or even third of our lives. And this something is something I wouldn’t change for the life of me.

School is just… well… Yeah.