Guns, bullets murder, poems, “Thug Life”, tattooed on your chest. Calling people out in his music, and his interviews. Is that a life changer? At my high school we study 2pac because we see him change lives; however, that’s not the case. 2pac is a smoking drinking, “thug”, and that’s not the kind of person to change lives in a good way. There for 2pac isn’t worth studying about at all. If you ask let’s say a seventh grader who 2pac is, they’d have no clue.

2pac has been dead for 15 years. No one talks about him anymore. Dead and gone. The more years that pass, the less people, I would say, care about 2pac. Topics, things, people, just get old. Time goes by and people just stop caring.

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2pac is known for his misogyny, and his duality with other rappers. But, most of those rappers are either dead too, or not talked about anymore. Yes, 2pac is an icon, a role model, a life changer. But, not worth studying about. 2pac influenced violence, and drugs. Telling people he doesn’t give an F about what he does, what he says, how he says it.

He does was he wants. Being a thug, but apparently not your typical “thug”. How can someone say they want to change the world, but have shot cops? Did he learn from his mistake? Or did he like the fact that he did that? Smoking, and getting money. Not my kind of hero, or role model. If I wanted someone to study 2pac, I’d maybe only tell that person the good things about 2pac.

But, you have got to tell them the bad thing about him, because that’sa big part of 2pacs life. Or, just not teach about 2pac at all. 2pac isn’t worth studying about because, he isn’t relevant. I don’t see 2pac coming out with new songs every two weeks. Yes, he inspired to do well, but he didn’t do anything himself.

Who is 2pac? Does 2pac mean anything to anyone anymore? Will 2pac still be studied about ten years from now? I don’t think so.