A Case Study Rangga

Choose one segment which represented by a customer persona (Sarah, Steve or Regina) and explain the reasons. In determining the best segment for Neonatal Picketed, first we have to understand that ARPA (Average rate per user) Is an Important factor to wireless carriers, which are Antenna’s direct customers. So, the segment should show the highest profitability and growth. To answer to that matter, let’s compare the persona given: Persona Sarah Steve Regina Age 42 27 16

Occupation Parent Real estate agent Student use of Technology For email, Google, MS (occasionally), need help in transferring data to PC Email, Old model cellophane, prefer the old-fashion way Internet savvy, active use of social medias, posses a considered latest phone View to technology Have difficulties to use existing technology Passively looking for new technology Adaptive to new technology Buying Power Medium High Low-mold Product usage (needs) Putting pictures from her phone to PC to free up memory

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Taking pictures of houses and show it to clients Taking spontaneous picture to upload to social media Wants For the photos from phone to magically appear In her PC stay competitive Walt Nils colleagues Day sensing vultures to clients Instantly In simple way Speed and convenience in transferring photos from phone to PC, wants to manage photos in PC right from her phone So based on the comparison, we can see that Steve have the most interesting “wants” to answer, which is to help him ease the operation of the business he run.

The product would be a critical factor for his better life and business. Picked offers a simple way in bridging the gap between phone and PC (P. L Telephony magazine lauded the service as “helping bridge the gap between phone and PC. “), so the key value of the product is the simplicity and speed. This wants accompanied by a strong buying power, a courtesy of Stave’s Job as a real estate agent.

That’s is our clue that the segment represented by Steve might be have the highest potential profitability.

We should remember that direct customer of Neonatal are wireless carriers, so the main objective is to provide the biggest opportunity for both parties. The service provided by Antenna’s Picked would demand wireless carrier subscribers to upgrade their mobile to a wireless (P. 3 Richmond, “..

. 40 percent of the U. S. Population has a cellular phone only: in our case, 25 percent of our customers have only wireless) and subscribe to data service that has the higher margin (P. With the continued Roth in data revenue, voice revenues were expected to decrease as a percentage of total ARPA. ) The needs to stay competitive with colleagues in business will motivate wireless carries’ customer with buying power like Steve to upgrade, means that it will help the carriers to decrease churn and increase the ARPA.

Therefore, by targeting the segment represented by Steve, the opportunity is not only for Neonatal but also be an attractive opportunity for their direct customers business.