I find people are irritating.

No really, they annoy me to no extent. One says you like a person better when you get to know them, I feel just the opposite. People tend to get on my nerves; it’s not them but just their very existence that annoys me. It’s is not just one person whom I feel this way about, its every person who is a part of my daily life (excluding my family, I can still bear them). People are pretentious; they are constantly trying to be popular and try to fit into the in crowd. “Just go along with what everyone’s doing, we don’t have any individuality “says the personality of the common people.

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The saddest thing, however, is that they don’t even realise they’re just ostentatious and pompous social climbers. Well I know I’m not miss perfect, or even miss average(i go way below that) but my thoughts are a better place to be because unlike others, they don’t judge me and I don’t have to get constantly nagged about my introversion. People never try to ask why I don’t talk much (human nature); they jump to conclusion like for example- I always study. Well you know what? The reason I’d rather study than talk is because having reading a book is more fruitful than having a conversation with you! Getting constantly criticised is really starting to get on my nerves. People can’t accept me for being different. Not everyone enjoys social gatherings and parties! My thoughts accept me as I am.

I can tailor then to my liking, i am their leader, their creator. They are the best friend I never had. This probably depicts me as a loner but I’m much happier that way. I might never be accepted by society because I’m not playful and exciting or because I never want to talk to anyone or maybe because I’m not funny and pretty but I guess they will just have to live with it. I’m never changing who I am.