Chime Right In

I think most people can agree that having someone speak over you is frustrating. Not only that, but also, people who constantly interrupt and talk over others are basically giving the message that what they have to say is more important than what you have to say, they are more important that you, how rude. There is that one person that has to put their opinion out there when you are in the middle of sharing yours. You are talking to your friends about your morning and how your dog almost got hit by a bus, then that one person has to interrupt you and say that he saw a dog get run over once.

Then the whole conversation in blown up in discussion about how there was a dog that could balance on a ball. Your topic is now lost in conversation like a fisherman lost at sea. Please, if any of you feel the same way stand up and scream you opinion to the heavens that you hate it when people talk over you. But do not do it while someone else is talking because you are missing the point.

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