Cell Phone Use in School

Some people think this is a stupid topic and that it would be good before the 2000’s but they are getting extremely distracting. What am I talking about? It’s about cell phone usage in school.

Cell phones can be distracting, you can be responsible with them, and some schools in the east even make classes for cell phone usage. How are they distracting? Some people may ask. They are distracting in two main ways. One way is if you are texting someone during class and didn’t shut off your volume you are a really stupid person, because one you’re not supposed to text in class and two any smart person would just turn off their phone during class periods. The second way (if you’re the stupid person) your phone will go off in class and interrupt a lesson or interrupt people while they are taking a test/quiz.

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Everyone can also be responsible. Wait what? Yes everyone can be responsible with phones in class and here are three ways you can be responsible. One is you could be using your phone for research for one of your classes. Two is you can look up your grades to see what’s missing. Three is you could be texting your parents for example if you forgot your lunch, according to a debate site I found.

In some schools there’s even classes for your phone use. Elverson, Pennsylvania and a school in Maryland make a class where you are taught how to positively use you phone in school. More schools need to make a class like this especially for the older students, according to a site where teachers were talking about this topic. Some people think this is a stupid topic and it would be better before the 2000’s but cellphones can be extremely distracting. Cell phones can go off during and be distracting, Some people can be responsible with their phones, and some schools even make classes about being responsible with your phones in school. Everyone make the right decision and don’t use your phone in school unless it’s for research.