How am I supposed to feel?

I’m a senior this year.

A senior in high school. You know what we did the second day of school? We talked about graduation. Graduation! We just started school. Can we wait to talk about graduation for a… week? It’s weird. I don’t feel like a senior. I don’t feel seventeen, almost eighteen.

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Then, we start talking about college. Am I ready to be out on my own, or should I stay with my parents? Should I get an apartment or should I do campus dorms? The school I am in right now, is tiny. Just over 500 people in both our high school and elementary combined. Am I ready for a giant school? Am I ready to branch out and get out of my comfort zone? Am I ready for all the responsibility? When I talk about it with my friends, I feel ready and confident. But when I talk to my teachers or my parents, I am scared. I feel like…my whole life is changing without my permission.

I know it is gonna happen whether I want it to or not. But… could it wait another year or two?