A dedicated Academy

First off, I go to the Delaware Military Academy. Yes, I said Military Academy. Whenever someone asks me where i go to high school and i say this, they ask, are you insane? I just answer with a simple no and explain to them why I’m completely sane. I tell people why I go to a military academy because I am the one who can influence them to either come to my school or donate. We have only been around for about 9 years now and were already stellar at several things.

For one thing, we are given the title of superior every year. It is an honor to be able to say something like that. Also, some of our sports are great. In just 9 years, we have won the state title in hockey twice! Our lacrosse team has made the state tournament, boys cross country finished 5th in 2011 and 4th in 2010. In 2011 our Baseball team was just 1 win away from making the state tournament.

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It takes mental strength to be able to say, I want to go to a military school, get inspected everyday, and get up in the morning and put on that uniform. To me this uniform is more than just that. Its pride, honor, and integrity. This isn’t just some school uniform, this is the Navy uniform. I get to wear a uniform that people all over the world get to wear. How many high school kids do you know that can say that? So yes, when someone asks why I wanted to go to Delaware Military Academy, I tell them why.

Hopefully they will remember these reasons and pass them on to other people.