No More School Uniforms

Students should be able to not waste clothes, express themselves, and get noticed and complimented at school, or anywhere you go. If you don’t want expensive clothes to got to waste, then we shouldn’t have uniforms. Last year I spent fifty dollars on an outfit at H&M, but really never got to wear it. I was mad because I spent a lot of money on clothes, and I didn’t get to wear it as much as I wanted to because of my school policy of the uniform. Also if we wear regular clothes, we can express ourselves.

Some people I know have their own fashion, like me. But since we have a school uniform, everyone seems regular and no unique style. I would want to change that. I think that having no school uniforms would really show our own fashion and a good way to express ourselves. I also think you can get noticed and complimented at school. When I get new shoes and wear them to school some people say things like, “where you get those from? How much were they? They’re fresh.

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” When people say that to me I just think they like my swagg. But sometimes I just thinking wearing shoes are the only way we can express ourselves at school and show our love for fashion. If you disagree about what I’m talking about, I can understand where you are coming from. I know you’re probably saying, “you’re in school to learn, not to look fresh.” But say you apply for a job.

You get the job later on, but you wear tan pants and a mandatory shirt every day until you either quit that job or get fired. While working at that job you had one uniform every day, I think that is boring. I think that shows you don’t have passion for fashion and you don’t care about what he or her puts on. Think about it!