Short Essay about School Uniforms

School Is Not A Fashion Show Every day when you come to school do you think does this shirt look good on me? What are others going to think about it? For most of us, the way we look is crucial.

We care about how other people are going to judge us and for some girls, well you want to impress your crush by showing maybe a little too much. This happens to most of us and I’m sure that most people are going to agree with me that the way we look at school has become too important. Once you mention school uniforms to teenagers, they go crazy. They think that it is not good because they don’t want to wear some ugly kaki pants or a skirt that is too long for our liking and a hideous white polo shirt. I have to disagree with most high school students.

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School uniforms don’t have to be boring; there are a lot of creative ways that you can look at uniforms if you think positive. The majority of students that don’t agree with the use of uniforms for school are girls because we like to look pretty and school uniforms don’t let us show our “pretty.” We have to wake up really early to see what will look good on us and if we don’t like it, we have to change and that’s just a waste of time. Most of us don’t even get to eat breakfast because we spend too much time looking in the mirror and it’s already time to go to school. If we use uniforms, our routines would change for the better.

Instead of waking up, taking a shower, do our hair, choose what you’re going to wear and if we don’t like it change until we find something that looks good, all we have to do would be taking a shower, blow dry your hair, putting some makeup on, put your uniform on, eat breakfast and off to school you go. It’s easy as that and it would also give us more time to sleep. Also, the use of uniforms for school would save our parents and us a lot of money. We like the designer clothes and designer shoes. When you go to the mall and you see all those pretty clothes what the first thing that you want to do? What I would want to do and what I usually do is buy it and most of the time I don’t care about the price. I just pull out my debit or credit card and swipe, it’s been purchased.

I’ve talked to some students about their clothes and the average teen spends about 60 to 70 dollars in just the clothes, and around 50 dollars for shoes. That’s around 110 dollars on each outfit. We are wasting too much money on something that we shouldn’t be wasting. If we use uniforms, we will only be spending around 40 dollars per outfit. That’ll be 200 dollars for the whole year. Imagine how much money that’ll save our parents.

School Uniforms will also lower the bullying and the violence in schools. I used to wear uniforms from kindergarten until fifth grade, and there wasn’t so much violence compared to how much I see now. Many parents don’t enough money to but their kids outfits every year. Many kids take advantage of that and make fun of kids because they wear the same clothes every year. The use of school uniforms will decrease the bullying in our schools. No one will be judged because of what they are wearing, because they dress too Goth or too nerdy.

Overall, the use of school uniforms will help us for the good not for the bad. It could be true that it doesn’t let us show out individuality but there is tons of ways that we can change that. School was not made to model. School was made to learn. School uniforms will show that we respect our school by following the rules and maybe we can respect ourselves by covering what needs to be covered. Think about it, if we use a uniform that’s less laundry we have to do every two weeks.

So parents and students that are not against it, do something about it. If we try I’m sure we will succeed.