A Man Worth Studying

Who is the most idealist rapper? I think the answer is Tupac. Tupac Shakur was born in 1971 in new york city. His mother was a Black panther which means that she was an activist. When Tupac was younger he would write poetry. Tupac cared and valued his education. Tupac had different sides, or duality.

But, most of all, Tupac was an idealist. Therefore, I think that High School students should study Tupacbecause he is an educated nut. Young Tupac’s view on his life was pretty complex. In Tupac’s poem,” In the depths of solitude,” he states,” pondering my true goal.”. Basically, Tupac is saying he wants to know to what he has or should do for the moment.

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I think that he doesn’t know what to do now. Tupac has two sides because he has to be strong to be heard to be listened to, but he is still a human. In Tupac Data set #24 “‘Pac was emotional. He cried around me a lot.” That was how he acts when he didn’t have to protect his image. He has to protect his image because he becomes a thug.

His two sides are “Thug” and “Angel” side, and they both struggle for power. Tupac activism changed the world because he learned this at a young age. Michael Eric Dyson states “Tupac becomes familiar with the controversial activist through his little sister, Setchua.”. I think that when you learn something at a young age you keep while you grow.I learned that everyone is different at a young age and I still know it.

Tupac should be studied in High school because he is an educated nut. Tupac loved his education. When Tupac was younger he wrote poems. Tupac has multiple sides. Tupac also thought he could change the world. If Tupac thinks he could change the world, then so can we.