Tupac Worth it or Not?

Should we study a black guy (Tupac) who still remembering today? Here at my high school, we lucky to get to study about Tupac’s life. Some people say Tupac just sets bad examples for students and not worth to study? But I say Tupac is worth to study because he is brave, unique and successful. Tupac is unique because in school he had his own style of fashion that made other kid think he’s stupid. For example, the author say, “To them he looked funny, like some kind of square reject type.

” Tupac believe that there is no between the best and the worst. For example, the author say “Either you were the best, or you were nobody as far as he concerned; there was no in between.” Tupac is brave because he didn’t afraid of responsibility in his life. For example, the author say ” He didn’t afraid of responsibility, that’s what make him great.” Tupac also a successful person because he reaches his goal of become a rapper and singer by always hungry for knowledge. For prove, Tupac said, ” I read everything I can get my hands on.

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” I believe this is a strong statement of expressing knowledge. I believe Tupac’s worth to study because he’s brave, special, and successful. Is this kind of person we want to be like, famous, sensitive, smart, and brave? You might have heard that Tupac sang and rapped about violence, death, and gangs. Also, he used the B and N words a lot, many contradictions and misogynies. Many things, you saw and heard make you think the opposite of his wells. But think about this, if you avoid all of his bad behaviors and words, you will certainly learn many importance things that lead you to success in life.

But if you can’t avoid his bad words and behaviors think as there were reason to say so. This is true because if you are going to do or say something there always a reason behind it!