A Writer Is…

As my pencil is about to touch the paper, the urgent rush to splash my feelings and thoughts on a simple piece of paper gets bigger and bigger as I get closer to it. It feels as if as soon as the small piece of lead touches the paper, the words flow through the ocean blue lines, like waves flowing slowly on a hot summer day.

Some people might think that writing has no meaning or purpose at all in our society, but it’s really more than we think. I used to think the exact same thing before, but learning and getting deeper into it, you learn to realize how writing really does have a big role in our everyday life. Life without simple writing would be like a bird with wings but never learning to use them; if we have the ability and all that it takes to write then we have to learn to use it in a productive way in order to observe and see what can come from it. Over and over again might you have to write and write, but sometime between crumbling and ripping as many papers from the frustration an idea is going to come right when you least expect it to. Maybe something flying through the bright blue sky, or simple while walking slowly down an aisle in the supermarket, the inspiration to write can come from anywhere.

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I used to hate, hate, hate writing in any of my English classes, all I would do was write anything that came to mind, but I would never really even put much thought into my writing. Once I got into this class, I learned to get much deeper into anything that I would write. I discovered one day that writing surprisingly helped my mind relax. While writing, it seems as if your mind just somehow zones out to its own little world where you don’t know how it happens or why it even happens, but somehow it does it. The ideas just somehow seem to come at come at you like if they were falling from the sky or something like that. There are times though, when you feel so frustrated from not knowing what to write at all and all you do is stare at a blank piece of paper with a face expression of a brick.

Those type of times though, you have to just relax and let the ideas come to you naturally, when you think you don’t have absolutely anything to write about, BAM it happens, an idea just suddenly comes to you. It could literally come falling down the sky like rain for example. I learned that to get to your readers you have to try as hard as you can to make the writer feel like if they were there with you at that moment, you have to try to appeal and get to their senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and sound. To me, that’s the most important part of being a writer, to be able connect with your reader. Maybe your reader could also be going through what you’re going through and that’s the best part of it, to know that someone can also relate to what you write about. Back to what I had said earlier, many people might think that writing has no role at all in our society or even in our everyday life, but there’s a lot more to it.

Writing definitely has more to do in our daily life than we think we do; for example, when you’re struggling to get a job, writing has a big role into that when you apply. That is an example for when you would have to use your writing skills in such a simple way. We might not notice it, but writing has an important role in everybody’s life.