A Writer Is

Not everybody’s a writer to me a writer is spontaneous it comes from the heart and barely even needs to try because it’s spontaneous. Writing is usually about expressing your insides, a real life story or even a fiction. One single thought can start it all off no matter how simple or small. When I write, I feel as if the world is coming down. A blank mind is all I have feeling as if I try too hard when I’m really not.

So now before I write I take a moment and relax to refresh my memory that way I’m not rushing into things right quick. It actually helps the mind concentrate more on what you want to write, well it helps me anyways. Although I really don’t have that incredible passion for writing. And even though I may never like writing, I am still glad to have discovered a great technique that suits me and is very helpful, because writing will always be there and sadly won’t disappear. The fact that I really don’t like writing so well. When I do get an idea out of the bleu I do tend to write it down I mean it was a good idea don’t want to let that go, right? Yes it’s true nothing embarrassing now.

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Now here are some tips of my own when you star writing a piece. You should write to convey the reader; the reader needs to know you are focusing on one thing at a time. You can’t just jump to random conclusions as if you were ready to get over with the piece. Imagine reading a comic book but with no pictures not exactly a typical comic book, right? Always choose wisely on where and how to change subjects or what not. And you know grammar and spelling is also very important obviously.

Why might I be telling you this you ask? A while back I did mention my dislike for writing didn’t I. Well yes while starting to write I wondered to myself what is there to talk about I don’t really relate to it that well. I mean what’s not to love about this marvelous invention. I wish I could express more but sadly I’m closed minded at this point. I am like a lonely bird without any wings. I can’t fly when I’m writing I know you may think I’m exaggerating but so is society.

Society has this huge expectation on everybody to either love or know how to write. Society’s totally wrong in my opinion it’s always been wrong. Yes you will need this technique if you want to advance in the future writing is not everything in life for some people but for others it’s the other way, But from all that bad society consists in writing and it will always be around until the day you are no longer in this world, so at least pretend to love it. It’s not impossible just look at me I turned out alright!