Elemnts of a Great Writer: The Orchestation of Language

Writing is definitely one of the most emotionally trying things, someone can choose to do. Orchestration of language is in my opinion one of the most important element of the creative writing process. As writers, we are the kings and queens of the English Language. As the rulers of the English Language, we are entitled to the right to follow its conventions, or create works that challenge coventetional English Composition theory. So today, I will first give examples how a writer can get begin the process of orchestrating his work, how he can orchestrate, and how he can use his orchestration ability to overthrow any aspect of conventetional English Composition and grammaratical theory , he so desires to. Before I began to write something, I enjoy going for a walk, as a writer I find the most important step in the pre-orchestrating process is getting one’s head clear .

There is just something about a little fresh air and bright sunshine that makes one’s mind think better. The key to the pre-orchestrating process is relaxation, because writing is similar to acting in the sense that one must take on the roles of different speakers or different characters, and be prepared to only tell the story using that character original writing style. After one is emotionally prepared to pursue the journey of orchestrating a creative writing, and choose who will tell the story. It is necessary they develop a map. Sometimes the map may be an outline, listing, or some other form of scratch work, however, sometimes the best roadmap is an intuitive roadmap, and sometimes the best way to navigate is to begin and see what place one would end up.

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My opinion as a writer is the preparation of writing should depend on the character or narrator the writer elects to tell his or her story. In other words, it is not a matter of how each writer can prepare but how each character or speaker can prepare. Now that we have discussed the pre-orchestrating process, I will now discuss the actual writing process .There a million and a half things a writer,editor,or critic can look for in a piece of writing sentence structure, parallel structure, grammar, organization, logic, and none of that is important. Unlike most English teachers, I believe that creative writing is solely an emotional process, and because it is an emotional process there is no right and there is no wrong.

Because believe that creative writing is an emotional process. Orchestration in language and grammatical style what gives the work that additional emotional substance. I believe orchestration is a vital element because it helps the audience to enjoy and it dulls the critic’s awareness of what is “wrong” with the piece .Many writers such as Cummings and Dickenson, used grammatical errors as part of the orchestration. In addition, some of the more avid readers are able to find the philosophical and emotional value in those “errors” that the writer may not have even thought of. In my opinion, orchestration of language is what makes works of writing outstanding, for example the Declaration of Independence and The United States Constitution, are documents that are noted for their exceptional orchestration of the language.

So we can see that orchestration of language is important ,but sometimes the orchestration of the language can also overtrump the concept of logic .In my own creative writing, one of my favorite personal quotes is “Never before have, I have seen such a dismal evening or maybe it just seemed like it.”Obviously, there is logical and grammatical “errors” in this sentence, however, the teacher did not comment on this statement. I, however, believe she did not comment on this “‘incorrect sentence “because it gives insight to how the character reason. This sentence shows us shows us a sense of inner confusion, and provide a sense of melody that was necessary to the piece.

This sentence obviously sounded so natural to the flow of the piece that not even the toughest writing critic could not notice anything” wrong” with the sentence because the orchestration of the piece created a customized dialect used to express the emotional substance of the piece (by the way the quotations mark on” wrong ‘are are ‘ wrong”‘). A big part of this character’s personality was the element of confusion and this “illogical sentence” illustrated this emotion. We are the kings. We are the queens. We are the kings and queens of the English Language.

Just like that conductor or that famous composer, we too orchestrate one of the beautiful and effective symphony orchestra in the history of the Human Race-Language. And may no one ever dare question its perfection. Its perfection that forever gives voice to those in pain and suffering. *The man and the woman who dares betray our assembly, that man and that woman is most wicked man and women on the face of the human race. The conductor walks on stage to address his orchestra.

“How do you betray yourselves?” ‘’How do you betray humanity?” “How do you betray me?” The orchestra responded in unison “By thinking we’re less than perfect.” The conductor looks you in the eye. His being is solid black, with black in his eyes and blood in his eyes. *He walks to you, places his cold and dark and on your shoulder, and run* his other hand over your neck and whispers. “You betray us, Jenny.” “YOU BETRAYED US and we will always COME FOR YOU.” Forever Jenny FOREVER