Achieves are pointless

Freshman and sophomore’s are the only ones at my school that have to do achieve 3000’s. What is the point of doing them?All the kids hate them and would rather not do them. Last year, kids figured out a cheat to do achieves, and everyone was getting them done in one day and getting very good percentage on them. The unfortunate happened and the teachers found out about the cheat and shut it down and made every kid in the school do 40 achieves legitly in about 2 weeks.

Achieves are pointless and a waste of time and make kids more frustrated and stress out during the week. Why is it that junior and seniors don’t have to do achieves and south campus does? It doesn’t make sense, but I’m not going to sit here all day arguing the point that they don’t have to do them.Achieves should just be thrown out and never be seen again. They stress everyone out and make everyone mad at their teachers for assigning them. This is my opinion, but I’m 100% sure that if you asked any kid in the school they would have my back.

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