Pets in the Classroom Narrative Essay

Having pets in the classroom is something many parents and teachers argue about.Many people are allergic to some animals which is why people say they shouldn’t be in a classroom.

Other say that you should have pets in theclassroom because they can help you in many ways with schoolwork.It helps with stress and anxiety and it teaches responsibility.Pets should be in the classroom because they can help kids in so many ways. How do you feel about pets in the classroom?Having pets in the classroom would make students learn more in the classroom.”Combine children’s natural fascinations with animals and their beginning reading and writing skillsand you and have a recipe for success.” (Animals Make Good Teachers page 1)Having pets in the classroom can make learning more enjoyable for students; especially when they are successful.

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The kids in the classroom that are struggling. Imagine the stress and anxiety some kids feel in school.The pressure is on; your heart is beating faster. Some kids find comfort in working with the animals or talking to the classroom pet.”The Pet Care Trust” states that, “Caring for classroom pets instills a sense of pride and self confidence in students .” (Classroom Critters, page 1) Because parents and teachers and the kids can find how they stop struggling with their work.

Pets are good teachers as they teach kids a lot of things about responsibility .They learn how to take care of them and know what to do.”Observing and caring for an animal instill a sense of responsibility and respect for life.” (Pets in the Classroom, page 1)Having pets in the classroom teaches more responsibility and the students can help more at home if they understand how to be responsible. The students will know they can take care of the pets and learn more in school. Pets should be in the classroom because they can help kids in so many ways.

Students can see the pets and feel safe and not scared and feel happy.If you don’t feel like they should be pets in the classroom they should have one at home; or a stuffy pet. Stop and think after this and say should we have pets in the classroom?