Pets in Classroom

Parents and teachers are still talking about whether or not to get pets in the classroom.Do you think it is a good idea to have a pet in the classroom?Meanwhile, people think that you should not have a pet in the classroom because they are a lot of work. However, some believe that pets in the classroom are a good idea because pets are a great educational tool, students can make connections to the wide world of animals, and students can see how their actions affect others.

Pets are a great idea for the classroom because kids can learn a lot from them. Pets in the classroom can teach students lessons in almost every subject. “You can learn a lot from classroom pets. Young children learn science, math, literacy, and social/ethical skills through the many different ways they interact with class pet.” (Animals Make Good Teachers, page 1)For example, students can improve their reading when they are allowed to read to a pet instead of another classmate.It’s important because pets are a good resource.

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Pets can help you make good connections to the world. “You can learn a lot from classroom pet. Students can easily see, feel, touch, and make connections to the wide world of animals.”(Pets in the Classroom, Page 1) For example, when students form relationships with pets, it is easier for them to related to people.This will help kids make connections in the world. There will be an understanding that all living thing need more than just food and water for survival.

“You can learn a lot from classroom pets. Students will see how their behavior and actions affect others. (Pets in the Classroom, Page 1) For example,It’s important for kids to know how to take good care of an animal.Taking care of an animal also teaches students how to take care of themselves and people. Pets can make good teachers in the classroom and help students.Having pets in the classroom is important because they can help kids learn about animals and how to be responsible kids.If you can’t have pets in your classroom, you should have a pet at home.Pets are great because they can keep you company and teach you things that you don’t know.