Should Cell Phones be Banned DuringSchool Hours?

Yes, cell phones should be banned from school during school hours. In today’s society, there is to much use of cell phones during school hours. Everyone knows that the kids have them out, even sometimes the teachers get calls and things and answer it. It uses up our time of education. Yes they are also a way to gossip or make fun of teachers.

It happens everywhere, not only to students, but teachers. This is what Genenda Milloy had to say about it “Imagine being a first year teacher and being called to the superintendent’s office, where you are informed that a student has taken a picture with her cell phone while you were writing on the board. The picture is of your far-from-tiny butt, and this student has sent it to all of her friends. After her friends got it, a text message was attached, with your name, where you work, comments about the size of your butt, and a chain letter stating that you will rape anyone who does not send this picture to five friends. This happened to me last year.

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” Nobody likes that to happen to them, and that goes for those ipods with cameras also. It’s time for all of you to stop and give all the teachers and students a chance. Cell phones are a definitely cause of distraction of class. The ring tones that go off in the middle of class, the games they play on their phones, and the messages that they get from their friends. Even if the teachers should hear it and take it, there is always another class clown who will do it. I’ve seen kids do it, and they get caught with it.

Also, that loud high pitch sound that almost only kids can here, that is annoying to all the kids, even if they think its funny. They also can be a way to cheat on a test. I know many kids in this century we are in have cheated by using cell phones. I don’t know if you are really or not, but even if you have your phone out during a test, then it looks like a way for you to cheat during that test, resulting in a zero. Its your choice, is it really worth it for you to cheat for a zero? Its really comes down to the point, do cell phones need to be in a classroom at all? My answer is no, its really not worth it. No matter who you are, cell phones really don’t need to be in the classrooms.