Banned Cell Phones

Imagine trying to work and some ones cell phone starts to ring. This could be very annoying, that’s why we should banned cell phones. Three important reasons why we should banned cell phones is they can be a distraction, they can get stolen, and they can be trouble. Cell phones should be banned from school. One reason cell phones can be trouble is you can be texting when your not suppose too. This can cause problems because you can be looking at things inappropriate and you can be texting a friend to get answers to cheat on a test.

One inappropriate thing is sending inappropriate text messages and things you shouldn’t be doing. Another reason is cell phones can get stolen if they’re taken to school. For example, you could leave it in a desk or leave it out and some one walks by & takes it. This could also be trouble because you can drop your phone and don’t know it. My last reason is it can cause distractions.

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One way it’s a distraction is you can get your phone taken away. It can distract people from paying attention because they will be focused on you. Also, you could be texting while the teacher is talking and your phone could be ringing and all eyes will be on you. My opponent may argue that cell phones can be a distraction but look at the good things you can do with it. For example, you can use it for educational things. I on the other hand, say no cell phones because of the trouble that can happen.

For instants, problems can occur when you bring your phone to school and your not suppose to have it. In my opinion, cell phones should be banned from school.