Have you ever wanted to be on a high school Tennis team? What about a high school ping pong team? High school is about trying to experience and undertake everything you can to know if you like it or not. Students have the freedom to try many different things without having to alter their whole life around one individual activity. If a school starts to limit the number of activities that they maintain the students wouldn’t have as many opportunities to try some of the things they like.

I believe that my school does not have too many activities. Some people think that by having a lot of activities that students will get too involved and not focus on more important subjects, like school work. Also there are those that believe that there aren’t enough staff members to fill all the positions. To get more staff would be to spend more money and those people believe that the money could be better used elsewhere. However, keeping the activities we have and adding more activities would give every student the chance to be in a sport.

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With more activities if the student didn’t like one activity they could try a different one. The students wouldn’t have to be out for Basketball, track, or football when they could be out for bowling, show choir, and curling. Some of the activities give students experience for the future. To be involved in an activity allows the students to learn something new and do it for the rest of your life. You can play basketball and have it develop into a career. My grandparents bowl and they are almost 80 years old.

The activity allows students to go new places and to meet new people. They can keep these friends and skills for the future. Some students might even pursue that activity for a career. With the same and new activities students will have options to choose from. There are only five spots open on a basketball game at one time. There is six for volleyball and eleven for football.

Most kids don’t get to play very much in some of these sports. There are tryouts for show choir and jazz band. Some kids don’t make the group. By keeping the activities we have and adding new ones every kid will have a chance to be a part of something. If there is an activity that someone doesn’t participate in very much that person can choose another one with more opportunity. I believe that our school does not have too many activities.

With the activities we have and the new ones every student can enjoy and partake in events. We can have fun and gain skills like leadership for later in life. The experience and the memories made in high school will live on and influence your life for years to come.