Aim High

High goals will make you more likely to succeed. If a person sets a low goal, short term success happens, but they miss out on traits like drive, hard work, and humility. Lofty goals benefit you more because when you try to achieve great things, you have a better chance at achieving them. High goals encourage drive, and accomplished feelings reward you when you achieve one. It also makes you persevere when you feel like giving up in hard times.

For example, not getting the first job you apply for, then going out and applying for more jobs. High goals equal high rewards, and high rewards equal higher goals, creating a spiral effect. They also develop hard work and dedication. It takes hard work to succeed in life and in recreational activities. High goals also get you through hard times like natural disasters and it leads to more opportunities along the line.

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High goals keep you humble, and humility forces a person to ask for help and in turn helps them grow and learn new skills. When you humble yourself, you will see the good things in people, and others will not seem so untouchable. When you make your goals as high as possible, seemingly untouchable goals will become within reach.