All about school

The thought of school makes sitting on my bed grounded sound like fun. The work that they give you seems to me like a student at Harvard University would struggle with. And not only that nobody around knows what to do. So you know what I am stuck with? A deep… deep… DEEP… wish to get 8th grade over with.

Sitting at home on my bed being grounded is a treat. Being at school listening to the teachers tell us about stuff that we already know it a curse. They go on… and on and all that I can think is, “I want my bed”. Then out of nowhere they call on you, and they know your not listening and you sit there with a blank look in your eye, and people sit and laugh at you. You got to admit that there is NO fun in being grounded but sitting at school is torture The work that they give you is like being a student at Harvard .And when they give you your assignment and tell you how to do it and expect you to go on from there.

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Sometimes the teachers ask around if you need any help, and do you know what I say? I say “no I’m fine” or “No I get it all”. I mean come on if someone asks how to do something there is always someone that is laughing at you because you don’t get it and they do. Being in the 8th grade use to not be a big problem until it got to the end of the year. It’s only hard at the end of the year because there is still a lot to teach and not very much time to teach it in. When I ask my parents for help, a lot of times they ask what it is and usually its math and they’ll tell me that they don’t know how to do the math that were doing.

Because they taught it a different way when they were kids. There is a very rare occasion that I need help in any other class, but when it’s science; my dad is all over it. And when it comes to literature my mom is coming for the rescue. But if I need help in other classes there are two things that I can do, I can ask my friends or family, or I could just not do that particular homework. And that has got to be at least half of the time.

Even though middle school hasn’t been the greatest years of my life I think that high school is looking really easy about now. Middle school has A and B days there is different classes every other day and that does not help out at all. I didn’t like middle school at all and I am so…so…so glad that it is over. I have a big 4 years of high school to worry about coming up here pretty soon!