Parents Who Coddle Their Kids

21st Century AmericaThe new iPhone 5S has just come out and 27.2% of America’s Child population is overweight.

How does that statement make you feel? Sick? Disgusted? Worried? or all of the above?For most Americans they don’t even care or notice because Its just the “Norm” for Modern-Day America and nearly half of all teens in the U.S.A have any type or variety of iPhone.So, so far from what I’ve told you 27.2% of america’s population of kids are overweight and Half of all teens have an iPhone.

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So, where are the parents?Mostly sitting around letting the kids walk all over them, buying whatever the children ask for at any given moment in time no matter what the circumstances, or buying the kids Mcdonalds that compels these kidsto become as overweight as they are but as I said most people don’t even care or notice, unlike people like myself who are being raised like a normal person. Even though this might not seem like a big deal, it is. Over 27.2% of the American population is overweight for their category of age.

so thats 317,206,280 this second that that I’m writing this.Okay so if you do the math thats 12.5millon kids from 2-19yearsold are obese.that is a hell of alot of overweight kids or as inconsiderate kids would call them “Fatsos”. You see this picture to the left thats what most kids are doing on summer break,or as soon as they get home from school,or on the weekends,And the parents let them without thinking of what might happen to the kid later on in life i mean seriously your kid is 350lbs and is only 10 yrs old you must have a problem if you can’t see that your kid seriously needs to cut the Big Macs out of his/her life.Yeah I know Whats any of this have to do with coddled children,almost everything because the parents of these kids buy them everything they want “Mom can I have an iPhone?” “Yes whatever you like.

“I hear this every flippin day,and I think to myself “What is this world coming to”because now kids are so needy none of them have a sense of independence they are only thinking about the next toy they’re going to get.teens only think about their Girlfriends and Boyfriends and when they’re going to get an upgrade for their Cell Phone.Most people these days have a phone ,an HD television,an Xbox 360 or some other gaming console,and all this other bullcrap I mean these are the “Normal”people of this Generation and the others like myself who don’t have all this crap,who actually have a job we’re all the “Abnormal” ones, AS IF,I mean seriously these Teens go around knocking people out and recording it just because they believe it’s fun and afterwards post it on Youtube titling it the “Knock-out”game I mean seriously who the hell does that other than spoiled kids looking for attention,Yeah sure troubled kids do that but they have problems and are troubled their parents try to stop them from being who they are so they have an excuse these spoiled rich kids don’t have,Their parents are around most of the time,these obese kids their parents allow them to become overweight by not paying attention to what their kids eat for them what four-year-old’s gonna just know that what they eat is bad for them? parents blame the McDonalds Corp for not making nutritious foods,Mickey D’s says they have and if you aren’t happy with what they got stop eating there.Personally I agree with Mcdonalds because they way they make their food is the way they make it and they aren’t gonna change because you want them to.

It’s like us Teenagers we don’t change because our parents want us to we do it because we feel like it no matter what because thats the way we are and the way we’re gonna be,Because like McDonalds we like the way we do things,and were not gonna stop.McDonalds has every right to make their stuff the way they make it. Okay now i’ve just been babbling’ on about The Battle between Mcdonalds and Parents now lets move on to the Parents who spoil their kids to the point where it’s seriously a problem,OK,then let’s move on shall we?OK so nowadays kids have everything,and when i say everything i mean EVERYTHING! iPhone,T.V,Laptop,Xbox,PS4,Facebook,Myspace,Twitter, Instagram et cetera, also those teachers that used to discipline the kids by putting them in a “Dunce”cap well most of them are taking the same road as the parents,i thought this picture said a lot so take a look maybe you’ll see what i saw,Yes?No?So what does this all mean,and or come to?well I’m thinkin’ maybe we get our stuff together and think about our actions starting with overweight children and the future of our nations,because I’m not sure with all of these kids who are this spoiled that we’re gonna do very well.

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