Amy Wilson Carmichael

Have you ever heard of the missionary Amy Wilson Carmichael? Some people think that Amy Wilson Carmichael was just a famous missionary, but they don’t know why she was important, what was happening when she was alive, and what her worldview was. She ministered in three countries, Ireland, Japan, and India. In the world during 1867 and 1961, the two world wars took place globally, and many things happened in the three countries in which she mainly lived. Her worldview was that of a Christian’s, as was exemplified throughout her childhood, her ministry, and her testimony. Let’s delve into the story of Amy Wilson Carmichael.

Amy Wilson Carmichael was born in 1867, died in 1951, and lived a life for God in the 84 year gap. Amy grew up in Ireland, and she started her ministry in the slums of Belfast. She lived there for a few years, during which she helped the Shawlies and her health failed. When she got accepted as a missionary in Japan, she was shocked and angry at the other missionaries. Instead of ministering to the locals, they looked down upon them, and refused to have anything to do with them; Amy thought their behavior was wrong, and left the Japan mission team. Though the application process to get her there took years, Amy felt she was called to India.

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There she started a group of Indian Christian women called The Starry Cluster, helped many children escape from the caste system, and eventually started an orphanage where the social ranks of her children did not matter. Amy Wilson Carmichael blessed so many people in all the places she served, and was definitely a very notable person. The historical context of when Amy Wilson Carmichael lived is very complicated, as she lived in Ireland, Japan, England, and India. She lived during the two world wars, and all of the countries she lived in were involved in at least one of the wars. In Ireland, mills were going out of business due to new steamboats, which allowed Americans to transport and sell their own cotton.

In Japan, the missionaries had completely abandoned the idea of ministering to the people, and were getting paid for being racist. In England, the church and ministry organizations were struggling to find good, qualified applicants for missions. In India, The Starry Cluster caused all sorts of political drama by stealing children from the temples. Although a lot of the children were going there as slaves, or being forced to live there because of their caste, the Indian people refused to let them break the precious caste system. The historical context of when Amy Wilson Carmichael was alive is very detailed, and has been explained in more detail in other places.

Amy Wilson Carmichael’s worldview was definitely Christian, and she showed it very clearly in her words and actions. She believed that we came from the dust of the earth, and God breathed life into us; His reason for creating us was to glorify Himself. The problem with the world is that it is fallen, and corrupted by sin. It fell when Adam and Eve decided to give in to temptation and eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The solution to this problem was Jesus coming to earth and living among us, and eventually dying in our place on the cross in order to redeem us from our sins.

But, only those who believe that He came to earth, died on the cross for us, and rose again on the third day are freed by the solution. All of these things were the foundations of Amy Wilson Carmichael’s worldview. Without a doubt, Amy Wilson Carmichael was a very important missionary who positively impacted the world. She helped to spread the love of God in Ireland, Japan, and India to people that were being looked down upon or ignored by other missionaries. World War I and World War II were fought during her life time, and the countries she lived and ministered in were directly impacted by these wars.

Her worldview was Christian, which she absolutely demonstrated throughout her life in everything that she did. Clearly, she was a godly woman who lived her life for Him, despite all of the incessant obstacles she was faced with.