An Average Day of Highschool

An Average Day of High School Your alarm on your phone rings.

Half awake you reach for your phone and press snooze to get just a little more sleep. And knowing you have to go to school makes you want to sleep even more. But finally the alarm rings again and you get up and the turn the light on and find yourself dizzy. Dizzy because you got up too quickly so now you have to sit down for a minute. You notice how cold it is in your room so you grab a blanket and start doing your hair.

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After your hair, you start to do your makeup then go upstairs where there’s better light to cover the embarrassing marks you have on your face. Then grab a quick bite to eat and head for the bus stop. You arrive at school and meet with some of your so called “friends” and sit around and talk until the bell rings. And once the bell rings you’re swimming through the crowds of people to get to your class on time. First period isn’t that bad because you’re still half asleep so you kinda forget all about that period. Second period you go to the teacher that seems so odd because every test you think do well on you actually fail.

And to make it even worse you sit next to someone you used to call your own so you feel awkward to talk. Third period isn’t that bad when you’re in the gym because all you’re doing is simple games and sports. But if you’re in the classroom all you do is take notes. And pausing every once in awhile to stare at the clock praying the bell will ring. Lunch can go both ways. But on a good day your laughing having a great time with your friends.

You sit in the line waiting for food, then go find a place to sit if there even is one. Sometimes bad days consist of your friends kind of being annoying or rude. Or maybe you don’t too good so you feel gross. But mostly your friends can make or break your day. And hopefully you actually find them because you feel lonely if you’re just waiting around by yourself. The last periods of the day seem to be the longest.

Like fourth period you have ASL and its not the worst class but for sure seems the longest. But how many papers you write in that class seems ridiculous knowing its ASL. Fifth period you have Algebra 1 with Ms.Smith which actually isn’t that bad as you think. The reason that class isn’t that bad is because so far this year you’re not that bad at math so your keeping up with it pretty well. But you have a hard time remembering to do your homework, so that could easily change.

And sixth period is all about our future which is kinda hard for you since your not exactly sure what you want to do when your older. But for now you just go with the flow. Plus you have some fun friends in that class to keep you busy. At last the final bell rings meaning its time for you to go home. So you walk toward the buses with some of your favorite guy friends.But as you stop and start chatting with your friends you realize how much they don’t like school too.

Anyways you get on the bus and notice some unfamiliar faces, then realize you’re on the wrong bus. So you casually walk off and get on to the right bus. Then you reach home and plop down on your really tired. School stresses you out but you know it doesn’t last forever. Because one day you wont have to be worrying about impressing everyone around you.

And hopefully by then you’ll know who you are and who you want to be.