Google Analytics The idea of coming up with a tool for statistically analyzing web usage was pioneered by the Urchin Software Corporation. The company came up with the idea of being able to analyze the traffic within a website based on the log information. In 2005, Google bought the Software Company and made used of the already developed analytics software. Since then, Google has been making improvements to the software, making more efficient and accurate. Currently, Google uses the asynchronous tracking code, which it claims to be more sensitive.

This Google tracking service is used in many different fields for the obvious reason that the information obtained from it is invaluable. The tracking service not only provides information on the website’s traffic, it also provides information on the sources of the traffic besides providing information on sales and conversions. This is particularly useful in marketing, and this is the field where the Google Analytics service is most widely used. The service became so popular that many studies have postulated that it is used in over half of the ten thousand most popular websites. To give an insight into the popularity of the service, it when it was rolled out in November 2005, the demand was so high that new sign-ups had to be suspended or a while to enable capacity-building.

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Of late, a lot of legislation has affected the use of this service. For example, all EU websites have had to obtain permission from the user before storing cookies for non-essential information. Although this has slightly affected the accuracy of the data collected, the Google Analytics service has been one of the most useful analytic services in marketing. Facebook AnalyticsFacebook is only second to Google as the most popular website. Facebook has an analytics service called Facebook insights.

The service provides users with information about their page. From Facebook Insights, the user can find data pertaining to the performance of their page. They might get information about how people answer to their requests, who views their page and so on. The service provides only an assortment of data recorded in the website. The metrics that are available on the service are limited, but they could provide useful information for users and marketers.

Developers may also access the data, and they may put it to various uses that may require statistics about the use of the site. Twitter Analytics Twitter is yet another popular website, with millions people visiting it daily. The analytics software has been useful for website owners to measure and assess how much traffic they receive from Twitter. The analytics software of twitter took quite some time to be fully developed.

However, when it eventually made its debut, it offered quite a number of advantages that had not previously been available to twitter users. Among the benefits of this software was that it could enable the understanding of how much content of any website was being used cross the Twitter platform. Moreover, it could enable users to see the amount of information that is sent to particular websites from twitter. Moreover, the service could enable the measurement of how effective the twitter button is integrated into various sites. The Twitter analytics have not only been helpful for statistical analysis, but it has facilitated advertising of several websites.

In addition it has been instrumental in marketing pay-per-click networks. In summation, Twitter analytics have been a useful statistical feature of the website.Indeed, analytics have been a useful tool in e-transactions. They have provided useful statistical information on various transactions that go on through various websites. Although these analytics have generally grown at a slower pace than the websites themselves, they have come in handy in understanding and improving the traffic of the websites.