Case Study on Twitter

Twitter Case Study:

Twitter is the system which enables online users sent brief text messages with the help of the Internet. In common words the role of Twitter resembles SMS in the cell phone; the only difference is that this messaging is free. Twitter was created not long ago but became very popular among different people very fast. This kind of social network connects people from all over the world and helps to exchange news.

Twitter is quite essential for the celebrities who want to keep in touch with their fans and inform them about their latest releases, like songs, videos, movies, photos, etc. Messages or tweets can be seen by all the online users who have got their own accounts on Twitter, but one can limit the access to his tweets and enable only his followers see them. It is obvious that Twitter is useful for serious purposes, but young people use the service to entertain themselves and spend too much time there forgetting about everything, including studying. Today it is a common thing to see a student who is tweeting various funny messages during classes. As a result they have problems with teachers and studying in general, because at home they continue tweeting.

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Twitter has become very popular nowadays and nearly every online user decides to create an account on Twitter, because thinks it is fashionable. Frankly speaking more than 90% of all tweets are poor-quality jokes and senseless information from the users who do not know how to entertain themselves. A successful case study should explain the role and importance of Twitter, a brief history and the purpose of its creation. One should analyze the problem and present the advantages and disadvantages of Twitter and present personal opinion about it. The case or the problem suggested for the research should be investigated and analyzed scrupulously to make the general picture of the problem and to realize its cause and effect sides. A well-organized paper should also contain effective solutions of the problem and tips how to use Twitter wisely and how to prevent Twitter mania for the ‘Internet addicts’.

When a student has to complete a case study he is expected to work out a great list of literary sources to catch the problem under investigation. A case study has its specific structure and students often have problems with the planning and formatting of the paper, so they need professional help of the real experts. A free example case study on Twitter mania is the best help for students to write this assignment successfully. When one looks through a few free case studies on Twitter and Facebook, he will learn to compose the paper logically and analyze the aspects of the topic critically.